The Blessings come down as the Prayers go up

YEAH!! Our I-600a approval arrived on Friday, July 6th! This is a huge part of our process as I mentioned earlier. This form was supposed to take several months to get approved and ours only took three weeks to the day to get it! PTL. Also we have been so blessed by the Lord with the sturdy bunk beds for the boys room and the table and chairs we needed are being finished as I type! God is so GOOD!
All we are waiting on now, as far as the adoption goes, is the finalization of Emmert and Mariah's adoption in Liberia(1-2 mo. wait approx.) and then 6-8 weeks for passports and visas. Then we'll travel about 3 weeks after that to get them. It all has gone by quickly so far and we pray that God will continue to speed things along as his will forgoes. The plane tickets to get to Liberia are very costly and we are praying now that God will allow us to fly when the rates are at their least expensive. Please pray that God will also provide the funds for us to purchase these as well.
All of your prayers have been so apparent, and we thank you all so much for your love and support. Emmert and Mariah are so blessed to be coming into such a wonderful community and we are so blessed to be able to love and care for them as our very own.