USCIS steps it UP a notch

For awhile now, adoptive parents were waiting months and months for the paperwork to clear the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services office in Colorado...well no more. The new Director of the USCIS -Denver is a go getter. Now adoptive parents will get these papers done through their placement agency(after homestudy is complete), and it will take only one week to receive approval for the parents to start their process in the country chosen(upon accepted referral of child/children). What a move forward. Now those wanting to adopt will get things done more quickly and get their kids home 10 x's faster. This new method will be effective Aug. 19,2007. Praise the Lord.
If anyone is feeling led to adopt from Liberia (or anywhere else) please refer to the links here on our blog.
A big thank you to Sandy at Littlest Angels for all her hard work and dedication to adoption and to the adoptive families in this area. We couldn't have had a better experience being "scrutinized" tee hee... We love you Sandy.